Estate of Ronald L McDaniels

Wed, May 05, 2021 - 4:00pm
305 Easy Street, New WIlmington PA 16142

Estate of Ronald L McDaniels

Wednesday, May 5th at 4pm

Whiting Auction Barn

305 Easy Street, New Wilmington PA 16142


HAND CARVED DECOYS!!!! Crocks, Primitives, BUTCHER BLOCK, Nautical, Ephemera, Grizwold


Unbelievable-Decoy Collection: Hundreds- Hand Carved Decoys-Awarded Wining Ducks, Signed & Dated by Artist RLM, Shore Birds, Santa Claus HAND Carved by RLM. Hundreds- Purchased Decoys Signed Carved Decoys by R Madison Mitchell & others. “New Carry-Lite” Decoy Corn & Original Box. Decoy Paper Mache Owl. Antique Fish Decoys-Lead, Weights-Scale- Decoy anchors. FISH DECOYS, Black Duck Lanyards-Display, Vintage U Carve Whittle Kit. Unfinished decoys – Parts-piece bases carved, Wooden Shotgun Handmade Hard carved. Too Much to List! -Highlights List Coming…


Small Butcher Block marked Mini Fixt Co. Youngstown OH. Cabinets- Wall Hanging Corner Cupboards, Primitive Cupboard, Handmade Cupboard, hanging Desk wall mount, Corner Cupboard. Wainscoting Cupboard Primitive Pantry, Pie Safe, Display Case, Washstand. Table-Old Dovetail Hand done. Stain Glass Window, Egg Basket, Vintage Rocking Chair. Butter Churns, Neat Old Boxes, Stack Wooden bowls, Cheese boxes. Vintage Snowshoes-Canada.

Primitive Stool, Round Oak Table Pedestal, Pressback Chairs, Oak Side Table. Oak Cabinets. Tons of Crocks, Crocks with Lids, Beer Crock Bottles, Crock Benches. Crocks-Wagner Tiffin OH. Crock Jug, jugs, Crock Jug Lamp. Redwing. Rowe Pottery. Roseville OH Spongeware, Petersburg Creamery Milk Bottles. Jadite Measure Bowl, Jadite Canister, Le Crescent, Oxford Ware, Cork Top Pitcher, Fire King Bowl, Pickle Jars, Sadler Binglong Teapot. Hummels.

Dovetail Wooden Boxes-Advertising, Antique Egg Crate, Crayon Dovetail Box, Wooden Bowls-Butter Bowls, Dough Bowls, Spoons, Ladles, Paddles, MOLDS, Wooden Fish Molds, Big Bread Paddle, Large Dough Paddle. Wooden Buckets, Cigar Mold. Tobacco Basket, Biscuit Basket, Pile of Baskets. Hand loom rungs. Crank Phone, Vintage Grabber, Old Signs, Dovetail Little Cabinet -spice finger grove, Sock Dryer/stretchers, Egg Basket w/eggs, Antique Dough Box, Primitive Tote Box, Books, Handmade Candles. Quilts, Chest& Trunk with Inserts. Hand Loomed Rugs. Galvanize Wash tub, Coal buckets, Silverplate Set, Wooden Bowl Set, Large Stool, Slaw Cutter, Rolling Pins, Stompers, Hand Carved Candy/Butter Fish Mold, Handmade Butter Churn, Kitchen Scales, Cheese box, Egg Scale, Stand, Popcorn Tin. Spinning Wheels, Yarner, Wooden Spools. Butter Mold, Dough boxes, Vintage Salt Crock, Sifters. Seth Thomas Mantle Clock, Waterbury- Key Wind Clock. Cameras, World Map, Lunch Box, Barber Strap, Clothes Dryer, Lantern, Fishing, Benches, Hudson Bay blanket, Milk can, Convert glass. Chicken Crates, Crate, Barrell, Old Stick matches, Antique Kid’s Chalkboard, Woodplane, Farm tools, Stompers, Stone Grinding wheel…

Griswold #5 Slant letters, Griswold small logo #8, Cast Iron Lamb Mold#665. Mammy Ash Tray, Cast Iron Mammy, Cast Iron Goodies, Hanging Scale, Railroad Water Can, Tins, Powder Cans, Tin Scoops, Flour Tin, Spice Grinder, Coffee Grinder, Burr Mill, Cast Iron Toy Cook Stove, Paper Cutter with Cast Iron String Holder attached. Bacon Press, Cherry Pitter, Griswold Stove 2-Burner, Cast Iron Stove, Enterprise Hand Crank on Primitive Bench, Conabear Trap, Large & Small Copper Kettles on Stands, Brass ladle, Copper Boiler, Copper Kitchenware, Sad Iron, Vintage Irons. Game hanger.

Ammo – Boxes & Such: Vintage 22 long-Remington, Peters, Winchesters, Western Smokies, Shot gun shells, Shot gun Shells-Winchesters-Peters, Brass Shot Shells. Wooden Shot Shells boxes, Gun Boxes, Ammo Boxes, Winchester Flashlight, Winchester Gun Oil Can, Antique Reloading, Gun Smith Stuff. Gun Cleaning in Original box. Spotting Scope, Brunton Binoculars, Small Zippo Lighter, Zippo Tape Measure…

Art- Ephemera- Odd Collectables: Alaskan Sportsmans 1938, Tons of “Outdoor Life” magazines, Hunting Fishing Magazines, 1943 Shell Calendar, PA Angler Books 1960’s, Duck Poster, Old Tickets, Peters Calendar, Wildlife Prints, Posters, Lighthouse prints. Artwork-Print Duck Hunter AB Frost, Wildlife print, Decoy Prints, Artwork, Antique Artwork. Bird nests, Wasp Hornet Nest. Porcelain Mail Pouch Thermometer, Parking Meter on stand, Statue of Girl, Vintage PEPSI COOLER, BUD Clock, Etrl Toys, Tonka Toys, Wagon, Thermos cooler in original box, Golf Balls…

Nautical Antiques & Fishing: Creole bow sprits decoration, Lobster Trap, Crab Trap, Minnow Trap. Old Wooden Buoy, Harpoons, Oars- “Tug Buffalo”, Large fishing net, Wooden Sailors, Nautical Pictures, Frog GiG, Pflueger Fishing lure w/orig Paperwork, Shakespeare Bait Caster Reel, Fishing Pole Case Stuff- Casting.

Modern Tools: Ridgid Thickness Planer, Ridgid Compound miter Saw, Metal Chop Saw, Wood, Sawhorses, Table saw, Band saw, Jointer 6”,  Drill Press, Welding sleeves Outfit, Grinders, C-Clamps, Sandpaper, Misc Tools… Grill, Microwave.

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Terms of Sale 5% Buyer’s Premium waived for cash or local check.