Estate- Contractor Tools- Hunt– Fish– Camp– Traps– Antiques- Tractors

Sat, Jul 29, 2023 - 9:00am
3133 Eastbrook Volant Road (Rt 168) Volant PA 16156

Estate- Contractor Tools- Hunt– Fish– Camp– Traps– Antiques- Tractors

Saturday, July 29th at 9am

3133 Eastbrook Volant Rd (168), Volant PA 16156

16 Bulb Tanning Bed. Garrett Metal Detector. 16’ Canoe. Kayak. Batting Cage Netting (huge).

Hobart Commercial Meat Slicer. Electric Smoker, Charcoal Smoker. Turkey Fryer Set. Kitchen, Pots, Pans, Tupperware. Pressure Cooker. Refrigerator. 4ft Chest Freezer. 2 Microwaves. Gym Lockers…

Allis Chalmers CA w/Woods 5’ mower. 2 AC tool boxes. AC Manuals. Cub Cadet 711 Hydro. Troy-Bilt tiller. JD Riding mower. Lawn roller. Garden tools. Walk behind weedeater, Wheelbarrows. Gas Cans. Shepherd Hooks, Landscaping cover…

Tools: Ryobi 10’ table saw, Ryobi 8.25’ Radial Arm Saw, Old Hand tools, 28ft & (2)-24ft HD alum Ext ladders, HD Alum 24ft x12 inch alum plank, ladder jacks, pump jacks. Tool Cart. Power Saws, Sawzalls, Drills, Ridgid Drill Press, Generator, Nail Guns, Socket Sets, Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Toolboxes, Ext Cords, Welder, Gas Water Pump, sump pumps. Lots of Hammers, Cross Cut saw, Mortar Box/Hoe, Block/Brick Laying Tools, Cement Tools. Carpenter’s tools, Mechanical Tools, Roofing tools. Engine Hoist, Engine Stand, Air Comp, Small Anvil, Sand blaster. Lots of nuts, bolts & screws. Vinyl Double Hung Windows (39×36 5/8). Alum Double-hung awning window.

Household: Lift Chair (new like), Dining Table/6 Chairs, Drop Leaf table/2 Chairs. Old Kitchen table 6 Leaves (100+ years old). Living Room Chairs, Marble Top Wash Stand, End tables, lamps, Old dressers, desk & chair, Cain Chairs, Vintage Rockers, Filing Cabinet, Beds…

#8 Griswold Waffle Iron. Cast Iron cookware- some Griswold. Antique popcorn popper, Old cookie cutter, Vintage pastry presses. Vintage toys, dolls and games. Straight razors. Old Books, US Army training Center. Wooden boxes and crates, Wooden pie baskets, Crocks, McCoy & USA vases. Washboard, Copper Boiler, Canning Jars, Egg Scale, SS Milk Pails. Bushel, Large Roaster. Daytonia Treadle sewing machine (very old). Blanket chest. Quilts, Blankets, Yarn, Singer Sewing Machine. Antique lamps, frames. Antique 12 place settings/dishes & more. Old glassware, bowels, plates, Shenango. Corning (vintage red and white). Wendell August Collection…

Guns: Marlin 30-30 w/scope. Remington .22 Rifles, Marlin .22 Bolt Action Rifle. 2-Antique .22 Rifles. Remington 870 Wingmaster 16ga polychoke. 20 ga double barrel. TC 50 Cal muzzle loader w/acc. RCBS reloading equip. Ammo. 3 Compound bows (Matthews, Hoyt, Continental) Arrows & Acc. Archery Targets. Hunting Clothes (Size S-M). Game Calls, Scents & Lures. Loggy Bayou Tree Stand. Climbing tree stand w/climbing aid. Claybird Thrower and Birds.

Ice Fishing Equipment: Ice Augers, Trolling motors, Tackle boxes. Many Antique Fishing Lures, Poles, Nets, Reels…

Camping Tents, Cots, 18×20 Canopy w/silver tarp. Camping Stove, 2 Sets Camping Cookware (1 Blue Enamel).

HUNDREDS of TRAPS:  1 Large Box Trap. 6 doz 110 Conibear. 4 – 330 Conibear (beaver). 4 – #4 Blake & Lamb Double Longspring Traps. 3 doz Victor #1 Longspring.  1 doz Victor #1 Jump Trap.  1 doz Victor #1.5 Double Long Spring. 1 doz Victor #1.5 Jump Trap. 4 doz Black & Lamb 1.5 Single Long Spring. 12 doz Black & Lamb 1.5 Double Long Spring.  2 doz 1.5 Double Coil Spring… More! This is a very partial list… Much much more- too much to list- Big Auction!


ALL FFL Laws Apply -Estate Family Handles Firearms

Terms of Sale 5% Buyer’s Premium Waived for Cash or Local Check. Go to 8930 for more information.

Hobart commercial meat slicer
16 bulb tanning bed
Garrett metal detector
   Thompson Center 50 cal muzzle loader w/ accessories
   2 Remington .22 rifles
  Marlin .22 bolt action rifle
  2 – antique .22 rifles
  Marlin 30-30 with scope
  Remington 870 Wingmaster 16 gauge polychoke
  20 gauge double barrel
  Winchester lever action .243 with scope
RCBS loading equipment
3 compound bows (Matthews, Hoyt, Continental)
   Arrows and accessories
Hunting clothes (size s-m)
Game calls
Scents and lures
Camping tents
Camping cook stove
2 cots
18 x 20 canopy with silver tarp
2 sets camping cookware (1 blue enamel)
Lift chair (like new)
Dining room table & 6 chairs
Living room chairs
Antique marble top old wash sink
End tables, lamps, old dressers, desk & chair
Cain chairs
2 vintage rocking chairs
filing cabinet
Bed headboards & frames
Electric smoker
Charcoal smoker
Propane turkey fryer base & large cook pot
2 microwaves
Drop leaf kitchen table & 2 chairs
Kitchen utensils, pots, pans
Frigidaire refrigerator
Old kitchen table & 6 leaves (over 100+ years old)
16′ Sportspal canoe
Batting cage netting (huge)
Approximately 20 dozen traps:
    110 Conibear (approx 6 dozen)
   4 – 330 Conibear (beaver)
   4 – # 4 Blake & Lamb double longspring traps
   Approx 3 doz. Victor #1 longspring
   Approx 1 doz. Victor #1 jump trap
  Approx 1 doz. Victor #1.5 double long spring
  Approx 1 doz. Victor #1.5 jump trap
  Approx 4 doz. Black & Lamb 1.5 single long spring
  Approx 12 doz. Black & Lamb 1.5 double long spring
  Approx 2 doz. 1.5 double coil spring
  1 large box trap
Loggy Bayou tree stand
Unknown brand climing tree stand w/ climbing aid
Claybird thrower and birds
Archery targets
Antique wooden boxes and crates
Ice fishing equipment:
  Ice augers
  Electronic trolling motor
  Foot controlled trolling motor
  Tackle boxes
  Many antique fishing lures
Allis Chalmers CA w/ Woods 5′ mower deck
2 AC tool boxes
AC service manuals:  AC WC  & D17
Troybuilt Tuffy rotortiller (small model)
Cub Cadet 711 Hydro riding lawn mower
John Deere riding lawn mower
Lawn roller
1 Vinyl doublehung window (39 x 36 5/8)
1 aluminun doublehung awning window
4 ft chest freezer
2 wheel barrows
Engine hoist
Engine stand
Garden tools
Air compressors
Small anvil
  Ryobi 10′ table saw
  Ryobi 8.25′ radial arm saw
  Old hand tools
  2 – 24 ft heavy duty aluminum extension ladders
  1 – 28 ft heavy duty aluminum extension ladder
  1  – 24 ft x 12 inch aluminum plank
  Ladder jacks
  Pump jacks
Tool cart
 Power saws, sawzalls, drills, Ridgid drill press, generator, nail guns
socket sets, wrenches, screw drivers, tool boxes, extension cords
welder, gas water pump, lots of hammers, cross cut saw
metal mortar box and hoe, block and brick laying tools
cement tools
Lots of nuts, bolts & screws
Gas cans
Electric sump pumps
Carpenter’s tools
Mechanics tools
Roofing tools
Garden hoses
Walk behind weedeater (does not work)
Walk behind lime spreader
Car ramps
Sand blaster
Wendell August (many pieces)
Farberware electric skillet
Old cookie cutters
Pressure cooker
Cast iron cookware – some Griswold
# 8 Griswold waffle iron complete (excellent condition)
Antique popcorn popper
Vintage toys, dolls & games
Corning casseroles (1 vintage red & white)
Vintage wooden pie baskets
Old crocks, McCoy & USA vases
Antique washboard
Copper boiling pan
Canning jars
Egg scale
Stainless steel milk pails
Steel bushel
Large roaster
Daytonia treadle sewing machine (very old)
Old blanket chest
Hanging flower basket hooks
Landscaping cover
Gym lockers
Char Broil new in box grate for gas grill
Singer electric sewing machine
Vintage straight razors
Old books, US Army Training Center
2 Vintage pastry presses
Antique lamps, picture frames
Antique set of 12 place settings and dishes
Old set of 8 place settings dishes
Old glassware, bowels, plates, 1 Shenango China
All FFL Laws Apply
Terms of Sale 5% Buyer’s Premium Waived for Cash or local Check