Widener et al Serious Primitives & Lifetime Collection

Wed, Apr 05, 2023 - 4:00pm
305 Easy Street New WIlmington PA 16142

 Widener et al

Serious Primitives & Lifetime Collection

Wednesday, April 5th at 4pm

Whiting Auction Barn

305 Easy Street, New Wilmington PA 16142

Schoolmasters Desk w/Hand Carved Eagle Gallery, Pine/Poplar Close Door Early Corner Cupboard – Blue Painted Inside- 1800’s. Chimney Cupboard, Small Wainscot Cabinet, Primitive 1 drawer desk, Buggy Bench, Wall Hanger Corner Cupboard, Cherry Slant Top Desk, Primitive Bench, Wide Plank Bench Table-Morticed Thru top. Small General Store Counter Top display Cabinet. Primitive Humpback trunk, 1 Drawer Wash Top Table, 2 drawer stand. Washstand, Drawer Stand-Brass Clawfeet, Ethan Allen Maple Hutch/Table/Chairs. Kitchen Cart Stand, Step Stool…

Old Canoe Paddle (Outer Banks), Wooden Hay Fork w/orig paper label, Orchard Ladder, Seed Separator, Table Riser. Corner Stand, Oak Basket, Longaberger Baskets…

Porcelain Sign– “Mare Island Naval Shipyard- Quality”. More Signs: Dekalb, Wildroot, Staley’s Feeds, State Liquor Store, Real Estate Broker, Handmade Exit Sign & more… 

Cast Iron: Scottie Dog Door Stop, Cast Iron-Book Ends, Door Stops, etc. Canvas Back Decoys, Canvas Goose-Ethridge String-Outer Banks. Owl w/hanger, Carved fish, Shore birds, Carved Alligator Cane, Cement Chicken. Pig Collection-Pottery-glass-Brass. Figurines-Frogs, Rabbits, Turtles Miniatures, etc. Snuffer Collection & more…

 31-day Regulator Clock, Ethan Allen Key Wind Clock, Anniversary clock. Leaded Glass lamp, Brass & Hand Painted Globe Lamp, Cream Can lamp.

Art: Lattice Back Chagall copy, Atkinson Fox Print, Indian-Native American-Paintings, Portraits, etc…

Watt Bowls, Yellow Ware. Blue Ridge Collection-Many Pieces-Fine Blue Ridge Pottery. KT & K China (Knowles, Taylor & Knowles) Fine China. Puss’n’Boots Cookie Jar. White Tail 8-point Mount. MP Helmet. Lots of Smalls… 

Craftsman Woodworking-Drill Press, Jig Saw, Router, Table Saw, Sander… 

Quick Listing- We havnt even touched the Attic or Basement – All the Fine Stuff is Packed Away. Many boxes to go thru. Treasures to be Found!

Coins: Rare 1922 Gold Certificate. Over 40 Silver Dollars, Walkers, Franklins, Barbers. Buffalos, V-Nickels, Indians. Proof & Mint Sets. Graded Coins- PCGS/NGC- too much to list…

Guns: Remington 700 bdl 270 win, Remington 700 bdl 300 win new in box, Weatherby stainless vanguard 300 wby, Weatherby Vanguard 223. Moss 835 Turkey 12ga, Moss 835 Slug Hunter 12ga.  Thompson Center Hawkin 50 Cal flint, Thompson Center Fire Storm 50 cal. Ammo…

ALL FFL Laws Apply. Estate Family Handles Firearms

Terms of Sale 5% Buyer’s Premium waived for Cash or Local Check. GO to auctionzip.com 8930 for more.

  1. Indian Head Pennies 1880’s-1908 x20
  2. 20 V-Nickels Bags (2) x20 or 40
  3. 20 Buffalo Nickels bags (2) x20 or 40
  4. Proof Sets 83-93 (5), 71-90 (5) -x5 or x10
  5. Mint Sets 71-90 (6), 72-90 (6)- x6 or x12
  6. 4 boxes of Early Wheats-BU 1960’s choice of 4
  7. 1849, 1850, 1851 Large Cents VF-VF+ x3
  8. 1867, 1868, 1864 Two Cent pc x3
  9. 1853, 1856, 1855, 1857 Seated Silver Quarters x4
  10. 1877, 1880, Seated Silver Dimes x2
  11. 1857, 58, 59, 60, 62 Aushzia Silver ¼ floizins Rare x5
  12. 1955 Key Date Franklin Half MS64
  13. 1912-D, 1912-S Barber Halves x2
  14. 1928-S, 1929-D Walking Liberty Halves x2
  15. 1881, 1883-O, 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollars High Grade x3
  16. 1881-O, 1882-O, 1886 Morgan Silver Dollars High Grade x3
  17. 1879, 1880-O, 1881-O Morgan Silver Dollars High Grade x3
  18. 1892-O, 1896-O, 1899-S Morgan Silver Dollars Semi Key Choice
  19. 1934, 1934, 1935-S Peace Dollars Semi Key Choice
  20. 1927-S, 1934-D, 1935-S Peace Dollars Semi Key Choice
  21. 1881, 1883-O. 1890-O Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  22. 1881-O, 1884, 1885 Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  23. 1889-O, 1890-O, 1891-O Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  24. 1890-O, 1900-O, 1904 Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  25. 1884, 1886, 1889-O Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  26. 1884, 1887, 1889-O Morgan Silver Dollars x3
  27. 1922, 1923, 1925 Peace Silver Dollars x3
  28. 1922, 0922-D 1924-S Peace Silver Dollars x3
  29. 1922, 23, 1925 Peace Silver Dollars x3
  30. 1922, 1922-S, 1925, 1926-D Peace Silver Dollars x4
  31. 1974-S, 1976-S Silver Proof Eisenhower Dollars x2
  32. 1976-S, 1977-S Proof Eisenhower Dollars x2
  33. 1971-D, 72-D, 74, 74-D, 1976, 76-D, 77-D x8
  34. Susan B Anthony Album with Proofs 79-81